Codes and convention of pop.

    • Artists are clothed in fashionable, stylish and mainstream outfits . • Artist are portrayed as happy, enjoying and content with life. • The lyrics are normally based around love or relationships • .Often bands express the unity associated with teens, which is the main target audience for this genre.• Music genre is normally conveyed through the video dressing and setting. • Pop magazines are often themed with bright and bold colors which are normally associated with positive vibe . • Pop is that the song usually is between 3-5 minutes long with a set structure and a consistent beat.
  2. • Another convention of Pop music is that within the music industry it tends to follow current trends rather than being independent and making something new, unique and different to hear. • The form the song normally follows a verse-chorus-verse structure and uses hook lines which are catchy therefore stays in the audiences mind.• Pop music promotion is via radio stations and magazines. In the UK Pop songs are guaranteed to be heard everyday on well known radio stations.
  3. IMAGERY • The songs usually include beats that are very dance-orientated.• They stereo typically are associated with people in their teens as many people in their youth enjoy partying and clubbing and dancing, which is exactly what the purpose of pop music is for. • A lot of the imagery created is base on sex or partying as this is stereo typically what teens enjoy.
  4. ARTIST REPRESENTED IN POP Artist are expressed in a very sexual and seductive way, trying to lure the audience in; very show/staged like. However current artist choose to dress in provocative ways portraying a sexual atmosphere..
  5. 10 YEARS AGO….Pop artist were not seen in extremely revealing outfits like you were wearing nothing like nowadays, instead they wore more clothing with a bit of bare skin.Then NOW
  6. HAIR & Makeup In the current day hair and makeup is used to communicate the artist feeling, views and express a message; it plays a major role in pop music videos.
  7. 10 YEARS AGO…The Make up and hair wasn’t so extreme and seen as necessity compared to nowadays. The make-up was complimenting, natural and pretty, also the hairdos were simple yet stylish.
  8. TECHNOLOGY Technology recently has been used as a major part of a music video.Animation is used greatly to created an exciting, loud and lively atmosphere.
  9. COUPLE OF YEARS AGO Animations in music video were hardly seen pop music videos. The artist tend to be the main focus to the camera eye and dance choreography was the main element to a video; pretty simple.

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