Digipak Analysis – Teenage Dream (Katy Perry)

The denotations of this digipak cover is that Katy Perry is laying on a pink cloud while looking directly at the camera. The connotations of this is that Katy Perry is sexualising herself, due to the fact that she’s not wearing any clothing. This can also relate to the title ‘Teenage Dream’ as the clouds can symbolise dreams and Katy Perry could possibly be portraying herself to be like an angel. This digipak contains symbolic signs as the title ‘Teenage Dream’ looks like candy canes, the cloud that Katy Perry is laying on looks like cotton candy and the name ‘Katy Perry’ looks like it’s written in the strawberry lace sweets. These sweet signs are symbolic as they can depict Katy Perry to be a sweet and innocent music artist. These images appeal to the target audience of teenagers and young adults as the cover is stereotypically bright and eye-catching as well as the fact that Katy Perry is only partially covered. This can reinforce the fact that Katy Perry is desired by the pop target audience. 3. This digipak shows strong elements of the pop genre due to the fact that it’s eye- catching and Katy Perry herself is on the majority of the covers. This digipak is a six covered digipak as there are three covers on one side and three on the other side. On the inside, Katy Perry is shown on the first and third cover wearing a crown which could possibly portray that she’s the Queen on pop. The back of the digipak shows the track list and when the digipak is opened up, it again shows picture of Katy Perry, but this time laying on the pink cloud. This pink cloud, that can be seen as cotton candy, covers these three sides of the digipak The CD designs themselves are of candy, which portrays the fact that Katy Perry is trying to get her point, of being a desirable music artist, across. 4. This particular font appears to be made out of the strawberry lace sweets. As well as this, it’s also very fluent and smooth which can represent Katy Perry as a sweet and easy-going person. This song title looks to be made out of the candy cane sweet and appears to look like it’s ‘melting’. This font style looks almost irresistible and can portray the song, as well as Katy Perry, to be desirable for the pop genre. These text fonts somewhat reinforce Katy Perry’s star image as it promotes this song as well as Katy Perry as a music artist. The candy effect can give the idea that she is defining her own artistic image of being ‘sweet’, whereas it can also be seen as a new way of expressing and representing the pop genre in a quirky way. The design of the back cover is also similar to the name and song font. The track list is written in a candy style font, however, the O’s in the song titles are replaced with what appears to be a sugary sweet. Also the barcode is out of the way of the designs as it’s in the top right-hand corner. As well as this, the record label details and editors/producers of the CD is written in a smaller font at the bottom of the case.


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