Digipak Analysis 2 – The Florence

The colours used in this digipak are very calm therefore, at first glance people may think that it could be associated with classic music.The font used aren’t very bold therefore, giving off the expression of calm and relaxed and not over the top.

The images used in this digipak are also very minimal in colour, the main image of the CD cover, is black and white therefore, indicating that it wouldn’t be very pop who use a lot of colours and also indicates that the music will be very calming and maybe inspired by old times.

The images do not use very much artificial lighting, it all looks quite natural, except for the front cover image which looks like it was studio taken. The colour scheme in this digipak is also very minimal colours, they are very neutral and earthy.


I think that this suggests that the songs within the album will be soft pop or classic type of sound. The gifts included in the digipak will make it more appealing to the consumer.

I think this because by having things that aren’t usually available in like, jewel cases, it allows the consumer want to purchase these items in order to feel closer to the artist or to get more content which is otherwise unavailable to them.

Therefore, for my digipak I would like to include things like posters, photo cards and other gifts that will be available to the consumer and want to make them buy it and will be worth their purchase.

In this digipak there is various shots of the artist, this suggests that there are different types of songs available that are very different to one another but similar. This may attract its target audience since it will be very appealing and interesting. Also, the consumer would know by getting this album they could expect diversity but still has a similarity within it.

There isn’t very much writing or, any bold messages/ texts, I think makes this digipak seem more relaxed and casual then if it was to have bold writing and messy pictures. It also shows that the genre of music which this artist plays must be something gentle yet stands out because that is what the consumer might decode from this.



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