Digipak Analysis 1 – O!RUL8,2?

This is a digipak, as you can see the synergy throughout the packaging is that it is red and while, the colours  do not clash over one another nor does it come out strange. The red in the white, makes the red stand out almost as if trying to connate that this album is suppose to standout from the other albums, who are plain compared to this one.


The packaging of the album is really simple and doesn’t seem complex. As you can see the content inside the digipak is a poster and photo cards (bottom right), this makes this different then a regular jewel package since it has a lot of content inside of it.

We can see that the logo of the album is carried throughout the content too, the poster, this makes it link in. In the image we can see the group are wearing too, which makes it almost blend in with the background but, the effect of shadows behind them make it seem like they are standing out.


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