This age is for sure the age of technology and is the most modern era so far in the history of mankind. Coutless new inventions come out daily to inspire and impress the users and this un-ending chain continues, promising more for the coming day.

I, myself, am a great admirer of the modern technology, specially in the field of smart phones and auto-mobiles. I have a passion for cars, their latest models and the modifications available. I always look for more and more information in this regard and try to keep myself aware of the new canges brought in every day to this industry.

Similar is my interest for the smart phones and I not only keep myself updated with the latest information and trends of new cell phones but also keep changing my phone to experience the new models launched by various brands and enjoy the latest features introduced after every short spans of time.

I am sure there are many other people like me who have their interests in various things and I am positive that the way the technology is advancing fastly, many of us would be wondering what is next and when and where will this all end up…?


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